LaSalle Lancers

top wrestlers for 2019

​120 - Lucas Byrd, SR*

  • OH State Champ & 3x Medalist,  Escape the Rock Finalist, Super 32 Champ, 2x Ironman Finalist, UWW Cadet World Team Member, 3x Fargo All American

113 - Dustin Norris - SO*

  • OH State Finalist, Escape the Rock 3rd. Dvorak Champ, FloNationals 3rd, Fargo All American

138 - Elan Heard, JR*

  • Ohio State Qualifier, Escape the Rock 3rd, Ironman 3rd, Dvorak Champ

​182 - Trey Sizemore, SR*

  • OH State 7th, Escape the Rock 3rd, Ironman Medalist, FloNationals All American

195 - Michael Baker, SR

  • OH State 6th, Escape the Rock 4th, Ironman Medalist, Dvorak Finalist

126 - Antoine Allen, JR

  • OH State 5th, Escape the Rock 4th, Dvorak Champ

132 - Casey Wiles, SO

  • OH State 3rd

145 - Darnai Heard, SO

  • OH State Qualifier, Escape the Rock Medalist

285 - Robert Brown, SR

  • Region Medalist

138 - Jake Niffeneger, FR*

  • OH JH Medalist, Fargo All American

*Nationally ranked wrestler


Cincinnati LaSalle will compete at Escape the Rock for the 2nd time in 2018. The Lancers finished 2nd in 2018.

January 19 & 20, 2019 - One of the nation's best high school wrestling tournaments

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2017-18 Highlights

  • Nationally ranked #13 by FLO
  • Ohio D1 State Tournament 4th
  • Ohio D1 State Dual Final 4
  • Region 8 Dual Champs
  • ​Kettering Fairmont District Champs
  • Hamilton Section Champs
  • Escape the Rock 2nd
  • Dvorak Champs
  • Ironman 8th

Cincinnati, OH

Ohio D1

Kettering Fairmont District

Hamilton Section

Head Coach

Ryan Root